Sunday, April 18, 2010

11 Months Old

sigh..... My little baby girl is 11 months old yesterday.  To celebrate completing her 11th month of life (and beginning her final month of 'infancy') we (Josh, Audrey and myself) went to lunch and spent the day just enjoying each other.

I can't believe my little baby girl is going to be a year old in less than a month.  The last year has just flown by.

Since 10 months she has mastered many of the skills she's been working on. 

  • She can take bites out of food
  • Starting to stand on her own, although still very hesitant
  • Likes to pet the dog, but is intimated by her when Sheila lays down
  • Has become more interested in her own toys than before
  • LOVES music and will dance to anything she hears
  • Gets so proud when she pushes the button on her music toys to make the music play
  • Started going to the nursery at church and really likes to play in there too
  • Found the power button to the stereo and likes to watch the light turn on and off when she presses it
  • Had her first trip to the beach
We've started using cloth diapers.  I really like them; not nearly as much work as I thought they would be.  There's a slight learning curve associated with them, and daycare lady is having a difficult time adjusting.  Hopefully soon she'll really get it down and we can switch full time to cloth.

Neighbor lady, today, gave us two things her children have outgrown - a Fisher Price slide and a Little Tikes plastic police car.  I'm very excited, because it's yet another thing to add to our collection of baby things, and we didn't have to spend a penny on them.  :)  We went in the backyard to play with them today.

She liked climbing up the slide more than going down

She got in the car and Daddy pushed her around the yard.

Kept looking like she was cruising down Main Street, relaxed at the wheel.

But then she had to take all the stickers off ... just like her momma.

Josh and I are blessed beyond belief with Audrey and all the wonderful free things we've received.  We have seriously paid for almost nothing that we have, and we are not wanting for anything.  God has been good to us!!!!

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