Thursday, April 15, 2010

Family Time

This weekend was a nice quiet weekend for our family. We were able to get the house clean and just enjoy each other's company. Josh and Audrey had some nice quality playtime in the front yard. See the pretty flower in her hair???

Then Josh and Kymberly made peanut butter cookies together. That was great fun for both of them. Josh makes the world's best PB cookies. And Kymberly really likes to help out in the kitchen, so he taught her his secrets.

Also on Saturday, we got our scrubby clothes on and got dirty. We picked weeds, we moved bark around, we mowed the lawn, trimmed back bushes, and we took out bushes. We removed 4 evergreen bushes that just grew uncontrollably every year. They weren't very attractive, and they were hard to keep trimmed nicely. Two of them sat just outside Andrew's window, so he got no light into his room. Now they are GONE!!! We also cleaned out the bark and weeds in the back corner. Took out the border that was there and mixed up the dirt. Finally, we sprayed some grass seed in all the dead spots and the new dirt areas. The backyard looks significantly bigger. And cleaner. The summer we first moved in we cleaned out the back corner, but we never did anything with it. It just kept getting weeds. So I hope that the grass will take and we'll just have to mow. That same summer we also put down some seed in a couple dead spots as a test. The seed took really well and that is now the prettiest grass in the whole yard. The day after this extensive yard work came rain. And more rain. 2 full days of rain, in fact. So the seed got a good initial watering. Now if we can only keep the squirrels out of the yard......

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