Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 7/29

I am very thankful for our friends Brian and Lara. Last Thursday our refrigerator died. Landlord told us to call a repairman. We did. Saturday morning repair person (Best Buy Geek Squad) came out. Dead fuse on the motherboard. A week to get the part. Brian and Lara offered to let us borrow their extra refrigerator until ours is fixed. YAY!!!

Yesterday we got a call from The Geek Squad and were told that the part won't be available to ship until Aug 4. WHAT!?!?!? So we're out a refrigerator for another week. Yikes! Brian and Lara said, "It's OK. Keep the extra fridge as long as you need it."

Thank God for good friends like Brian and Lara. They are good friends even without the use of their refrigerator, but thank God that they have one to let us borrow.

On a related random thought: Why is fridge spelled with a "d" but refrigerator is not????


Angela said...

cool! and lol

igs said...

Your avatar on Crosswalk forums is so clever--I simply love it!