Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest Writer Submission - WELL, THEY'RE AT IT AGAIN

Thus begins the first of what I hope to be many guest submissions to Christine's Contemplations.

This one is written by Bodhi Malik from Bodhi's Harangeout.

I've personally read quite a bit of his blog and it has me chuckling and laughing and just thinking and contemplating (something I like to do a lot).  From his Blogger Profile: 
80 year old male. Married, two grown children. BA in Math, grad work in Clinical Psychology, retired (USAF) tech sergeant, math tutor, est graduate, grocery manager, banker, stand-up comedian, radio disk jockey, published author, policeman, bootlegger, bowling alley pin setter, mattress spring formulator, Comic book writer/artist, Potential puzzle table crafter, Roustabout for Barnum and Bailey Circus, Blog writer. Movie credits include "Leave Yesterday Behind" co-starring John Ritter and Carrie Fisher. Now living in Casa Grande, Arizona, USA. Truth in advertising.

And now for his submission, "Well, They're At It Again."

In the April 18th issue of Time, it is announced that there is going to be an exhumation of a Florentine woman suspected of sitting for the Mona Lisa. Archaeologists hope to prove whether she was the model.

This is really exciting! At last we are going to find out whether or not at least one person is or isn't the model for the Mona Lisa. Oh joy!

I imagine they might be going to use the DNA method. We didn't have that procedure to do in years past, but now with modern science we can get the DNA of the corpse and match it with the DNA of the painting. Brilliant!

Or maybe fingerprints! Yeah! We dig up that five hundred year old body and look behind the painting and get the fingerprints off old Mona and if we get a match, Viola! And if we don't get a match, Viola! again, 'cause we will have eliminated one out of the millions it could have been, and that's good, yes? One step closer?

Or maybe - just maybe, we can get the old woman to talk - to tell us whether or not she sat for old da Vinci. That would be interesting.

Whichever way it goes, I'll sure be glad when we get this puzzle solved. It's been keeping me and a lot of folks up at night worrying over it. And once we get that solved, maybe we can start work on finding out who the models were for those boys on that sailing boat with the old man in that Homer Winslow painting.
And kudos to Time Magazine in its unfailing efforts to keep us up to dately informed of the important work being done in the world of pure science. Kudos, I say. 

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