Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My favorite Audrey-isms

Audrey Grace is a very smart 2 year-old.  I know, I know.  Every mother says that.  And I suspect most mothers are right.  Audrey has an exceptional vocabulary.  She remembers nearly every word we teach her right away.  She gets so excited when she sees things.  She points them out on the road (dump truck, airplane, red car, etc).  And most things she says correctly.  It's actually quite sad to me, as her mom, to hear her mispronunciations get corrected so quickly.

So my favorite Audrey-isms, past and current.

*wa-wa --> water; about 15 months she said this
*peas --> please; yeah, about the same as everyone else
*day-doo --> thank you - usually accompanied with the sign
*nulkies --> milkies
*she had a really funny one for frog, but I'll let you use your imagination.  let's just say we all cracked up over and over again
*motorbikle --> motorcycle; this one is phasing out
*chloclate --> chocolate; this one is gone.  lasted a couple months.  She just started saying it correctly.  

That's all I can remember right now.  I wish I would've written them down as she had them.  I didn't realize she'd grow out of them so quickly.

Get this ... she only said pasketti ONE time.  She actually says spaghetti.  And she says lasagna.

Where are the cute words toddlers are supposed to say!?!?!?!?

Her vocabulary is big. Her understanding is big.  Her memory is big. Her pronunciations are accurate.  And she is easily understood by most people.  It's amazing.  I wish I could fully capture the amazingness that is my daughter in this blog, but I just don't have the words.

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