Sunday, June 26, 2011

We have two kids. Both are in diapers at least part time. Money was tight when we had just one baby. And 9 months ago my husband got a severe paycut (10% of our combined salary, not just his). We had some work to do with saving money.

We made the necessary adjustments and things are super tight.

This pay period in particular things are very tight. Not sure why, but they're tight and we have extra driving to do this week.

In figuring out how to makes ends meet this week and what car to drive and what to eat I sighed a sigh of relief when I realized things could be worse. We could have to buy diapers for both kids. And pull ups. And wipes. And diaper genie refills.

We bought our initial stash of cloth diapers 14 months ago for $150. Since then we've added to it some, but probably no more than $200 worth. I've also made quite a few diapers.

We have enough diapers to not do laundry for a week ... for both girls.

I estimate that it would cost us roughly $80-$100/month to diaper both girls. I smile super big when I realize that with every diaper change I'm saving money. Money that we can now use for gas, daycare, ponytail holders, and other such things you need with babies.


Krystyn said...

It's nice that you've got the silver lining.

I hope things start to look up for you.

Tamika said...

I've cloth diapered all 5 of my kids - currently my twins are in them - and I smile every time I write a cheque for riding lessons, or hockey and know that if not for those cloth diapers, that cheque would hurt a heck of a lot more!