Monday, June 13, 2011

Kingdom Assignment

I have the privilege of being a part of a great project our church is doing.  Following the lead of a church down in So Cal (and many others throughout the nation), we have 25 people participating in the Kingdom Assignment.  

Kingdom Assignment is a phenomena of a new way of giving of your Talent, Treasure and Time that has now become a movement around the globe.... you are welcome to jump on this exciting fast moving train.

I am acting as a coach, but at times so far I've wished I was doing my own.

25 people, without knowing anything about what was going to happen, felt a nudge from God and stood up and volunteered for a project that would change their lives.  They were then handed a $100 bill.  Standing there in front of the church they were told 
1. The money isn't yours, but God's. 
Do something outside the walls of the church to further His kingdom and 
Report back in 90 days what you did.
The 25 people are of various ages.  Youth, college-aged, young adult, old adult, older adult ....  And a variety of professional backgrounds and experiences.  Male and female alike.  Some own their own business, one is an executive of a large company.  One is a stay-at-home-mom.  It'll be very exciting to see what God is going to do in and through these 25 individuals.

When I was first told that by being a coach I was not available to help with a project or do one myself I was relieved.  Then I started to do some work putting the fliers together and preparing for launch day and a flood of ideas came to me.  Inspired by a couple different families at church I had some ideas; then I was inspired by a news story; then my own hobbies started inspiring me.  Now I'm actually a little bummed that I can't participate and do a project. 

I don't want to forget what my ideas are, because I hope to pass them on and have someone execute them (and probably much better than I would) or do them myself at a later date.

Just a few that have popped into my head:

  • find people physically disabled, whether permanantly or short-term, and bless them by doing household repairs, chores, yard work, cooking meals, etc.
  • pay for parking for random cars leaving the Children's hospital
  • buy interview outfits for the unemployed; and further assist them as needed by updating resume, help get online to apply for jobs, etc.
  • Contribute to Habitat for Humanity in a massive way (get one family in need into a home, etc)
  • I have one big project that has continued to develop in my head that I plan on executing, but I don't want to share yet because I want to get it into action first.
I hope to come back and re-blog about what work our church has done and the projects in our community.

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A Child of God said...

Wow! This is a wonderful assignment your church is doing! This will teach the congregation a wonderful lesson. Please give your pastor a hug for me and tell him great job for letting his flock do such a great activity. That is thinking outside of the box to make those stronger in our Lord and Savior.

God Bless...

Please let me know what the outcome was!