Tuesday, January 31, 2012



I've been relatively quiet about it because, well, I didn't think it was who I am. I'm a mom, musician, wannabe photographer, wannabe baker, wife, etc. But I'm not .... Gasp ..... A runner. 

Runners are ultra thin. They think of nothing but running. They spends hundreds of dollars every year on shoes and appropriate attire and race entry fees. I'm not one of THOSE!

But .... I am. Maybe not an extreme runner, but I have become a runner.

It started 4 years ago when we moved from an apartment with a gym to a house. Lack of money meant we had to be creative with exercising. So we each took up running.

It started as a way to keep the weight off that we had both just spent 6 months losing. And that's all it was for me. Just fitness. I didn't run far, just enough to say I did my 20 min of cardio every day. Then I got pregnant. An excuse to stop running (i kept walking, though).

After Audrey was born I started running again, but had a hard time fitting it in my schedule. Then before I had a chance to get serious and make it a priority, I got pregnant again. Another fantastic excuse not to run.

After Annie was born I found myself uncomfortable with my body. I didn't like the size I was. I didn't like the way clothes fit. I didn't like how I looked. I didn't like how awkward I felt. The only solution was to start running again. No excuses.

Since I was breastfeeding and didn't want to lose too much too fast, I didn't go crazy. Just running for my cardio. Tried to do a Couch to 5K running program. Got almost finished with it and had to go back to work. The only time I could logistically fit in a run was during my lunch.

I never had any real ambitions, just to be able to run and perhaps complete a 5K (our town puts on a great St. Patrick's festival and hosts a 5K fun run as part of it).

So I brought my running gear to work and would go out and run a mile at lunch. That mile turned into 2. Then 2 1/2. Then 3. In October my husband challenged me to run 5 miles with him. I actually did it and continued to run 5 miles with him once a week or so. Then 2 months later he challenged me to run 9 miles when we visited his mom. We did that.

Suddenly it donned on me.
  • I think about running all the time. 
  • I worry about when I'm going to fit it in. 
  • How far am I going to go? 
  • What if it's too cold or windy or too hot?
  • Did my clothes get clean?
  • What am I going to eat to make sure I'm nourished for my run?
  • What about strength training? What should I add?
  • How am I going to afford new shoes?
  • Did I charge my ipod?
  • What about my Garmin?  Is that ready to go?

Yep ... I've officially become one of THOSE people.  But I told myself over and over again, I'm not a runner.  I'm not serious.  Shortly after running 9 miles a friend said that the three of us (me, Josh and friend) should run 13.1 together.  He's done it before, it would be great for Josh and me to add it to our running resume.  Yikes!  A half marathon?  OK.  Maybe come fall we can run one.  But I won't be ready for it before then.

Then again ..............

Perusing Active.com (which I do from time to time ... more evidence that I'm one of THOSE) I found a half marathon just 30 miles away in May.  May?  I could do that.  And it's a girls run.  Lots of hot pink.  Boas and tiaras.  Champagne when you cross the finish line.  Oh that is TOTALLY my cup of tea.  I found and printed a training program for beginners.  It only takes 9 weeks to up my mileage to be able to run a half marathon.

Deep in the back of my mind I don't think I can do it because, you see, I'm not a runner.

But I do run.

Beginning next week I shall begin training for a half marathon.


Monica Lynn Kennedy said...

Do it! I ran my first HM with only ever training to 10 miles. I finished and it was the coolest moment of my life. The Diva races have a great reputation, and I have several friends that run the local one on this coast.

BTW, I'm one of THOSE people, too. I went from only running one marathon just to say I did, to having my third and fourth on the schedule. And last month I became eligible for Half Fanatics (I'm a Jupiter!). The also have a calendar on their site that is great to find HMs to run.

Let me know how you are doing and if you need any advice.

Christine Roosa said...

You have been some of my inspiration. You ... and despising running isn't as hard as I thought it was.

Christine Roosa said...

That should read "discovering..."

~*SharonMarie*~ said...

I love this blog post!!!

Know that I will be cheering you on.

Anonymous said...

i just stumbled upon your blog by chance.
this sounds like one of my sisters,
i'm not a runner...when she only had just gotten back into running.

congratulations and keep up that motivation.