Friday, November 7, 2008

The Goings On

New/Noteworthy: A member of the church we've been attending greeted us and said hello before the service started.  That's the first time that's happened since we started going periodically.  That was encouraging.

Interesting Activity: Josh and I did all the kids' Christmas shopping last weekend.  Feels good to be done with that.

Biggest Accomplishment:  Went to bed on time and woke up on time every day this week.  Felt mostly refreshed and rested for a new day.  That's a good feeling.

Fun Photos:

Me at 12 weeks!!!  It's VERY exciting.  My baby belly is starting to be present all the time, not just at the end of the day.

Andrew's football game last night the cheerleaders from both middle schools were present.  There were a lot of 12-14 year-old girls on the track.  It was fun to see that.  And Kymberly was totally excited that HER middle school cheers were there.  She and her friend went to an empty part of the bleachers and did all the cheers with the girls.    

Andrew's football team scored more points this week than any other game.  They still didn't win; but they did tie (again).  Final score 22-22.  It was the last home game.  He said he definitely wants to play again next year.  That's encouraging to hear from a kid who only played in 4 plays all season.


Di said...

Awwww, your baby belly is cute!!!!

LOL, that's about how much Austin played, too. I finally complained a few weeks ago and he played a little more yesterday. I think they've only one 2 or 3 games. Next week is our last game. Austin says he's going to play JV, too. Go figure!

I think your accomplishment is getting all the Christmas shopping done!!!!

christine said...

We didn't want to complain to the coach and be "those parents." Josh was a little league coach for many years and hated it. What gets me is he kept the same 15 players in (both offense and defense) even when they were losing 35-0.

I thought about putting that as my accomplishment ... but I didn't want to repeat.

Catherine said...

You should post a new belly pic!