Friday, November 21, 2008

Weekly Happenings - 10/21/08

New/Noteworthy: Our marriage certificate arrived! YAY!!! I can legally change my name now. I also started tutoring a HS student in chemistry. I'm working with a tutoring agency, so I could get more students.

Interesting Activity: Kymberly made honor roll; last night was her honor roll thing at school. Today she gets a pizza party.

What I learned: The location of the DMV nearest my house

Where I went: Honor Roll night for Kymberly.

Biggest Accomplishment: Paid bills last Friday night. And we didn't fight or anything. ;)

Weekend Plans: go through Christmas decorations to see what we need to buy, wash the cars, build a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.

Fun Photo:
Kym's Honor Roll Night.

1 comment:

Di said...

Congratulations, Kym! That's awesome!
It's always good to know where the DMV is. I usually just use AAA.
YAY that you get to change your name!!!!!!!!
Ugh, I have that chore next weekend.