Monday, November 17, 2008

Maturity ... please

So I just walked into the lunchroom to get my mid-morning snack. I opened up my lunchbag and it felt a little light. When I looked inside all I saw were my 2 snacks and my leftover fixings from breakfast. My lunch was GONE!!!!

WHAT!?!?!? OK. I must've left it at my desk. Nope. Not there. Looked thoroughly. OK. Did I leave it on the counter this morning? Maybe. Went back to the lunchroom and looked on the counter and in the cupboards and on the racks and in the trash and all throughout the fridge. My lunch was nowhere to be found.

OK. If I left it out. My bad. Please put it away for me. But I am 99.99999% sure I put it away with the rest of my food for the day (I double checked the counter after making my breakfast to ensure I cleaned up my mess).

Which leads me to believe that someone took my pizza out of my lunchbag in the fridge and ate it.

I'm astonished. I know it's only leftover homemade pizza, but it was MY LUNCH!!! And now I have to go get something to eat today. I don't exactly have leftover money to be supplying 2 lunches a day.

I now remember why I usually leave my lunchbag at my desk.

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Di said...

This happened at work!?!? How RUDE!!!!