Friday, January 23, 2009

Contemplations on Current Happenings 1/23/09

New/Noteworthy: ummm ..... not a whole lot. We had a longish chat with a woman from church on Sunday. That was nice. She's the host for the Thursday night HS home group; so that was good for Andrew to meet her. We're starting to make connections and such in the church. It feels good.

Oh yeah .... And a new pillow arrived from Gordon Foods. Well, not really Gordon foods, but that's who shipped it. Thank you Michelle. It's soooooo cool. It's sitting on the couch right now waiting for some company.

Interesting Activity: foolishly went shopping with Becky on Saturday and got a KILLER deal on a crib/bedding set for the baby. Got an 11-piece set for $20; plus 10 different outfits for less than $50.

Biggest Accomplishment: On Sunday after church we spent about 3 hours doing yardwork since it was so warm. We got all the weeds picked, the rose bushes trimmed back, the grass mowed.... It looks so much better; dormant and brown, but better.

Plans for the weekend: Josh and I are going to drive all over creation looking for a good deal on THE crib. We have enough saved up we think we can afford a new crib and not have to buy used. We'll also rearrange our bedroom to make room for the new crib. This will require trading dressers with Andrew ... he doesn't know this yet. Church on Sunday, then just hanging out. I'm working on a quilt for an online hand-made baby shower gift exchange thing. I want to get everythign cut out this weekend and maybe start piecing it together.

Where I went:
went to church, went shopping with Becky .... that's about it.

Fun Photo:
Belly pic took this morning. 23 weeks and 2 days.

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BeckeyZ said...

YAY!!!! Belly pics! Looks like that little girl is cooking just fine in there. And you look good, too!

Is she kicking up a storm yet? It gets kinda freaky when they get real active, but it's freaky in a fun way.


Di said...

Wow!!! Those are some GREAT deals!!!!!

Awwwwww, I love seeing your baby grow!!!!!