Saturday, January 17, 2009

Weekly Happenings - 1/17/09

New/Noteworthy: I only gained 3 lbs between my last doctor visit on Dec 18 and this one on Jan 15.  This is a big deal for me since we had Christmas (with loads of junk) and every other check-up has been 5+ lbs.  I'm still happily under 160; 165 is the most I've ever weighed.  

Interesting Activity: Certainly catching the bad electrical situation before the house burnt down was interesting.  And a "fun" day for Josh waiting for the electrician.

What I learned: It's only going to cost me a grand total of $180 to have this baby!!!  Praise God for health insurance!!!  :)  That's all my office visits, delivery, hospital stay, and post-pardem check up!  YAY!!!!!!!

And the student that I tutor in chemistry has raised her grade from a D to a C.  Her mom is very happy about that.  Next week is finals; so if she can do really well on her final, she may be able to raise it even more.  I wonder if a B is possible......

Biggest  Accomplishment: With the assistance of her father and me, Kymberly finished her science project with no arguing, complaining, whining, etc.  It's not due until Jan 27th!  She even did the extra credit!  YAY!

Plans for the weekend: SIL Becky is coming up to hang out today.  Josh and Andrew want to jam a bit on the drums and guitar and maybe write a song.  I'll hang out and video them and we'll have a fun day.

Fun Photo: 

Kymberly working on her science project.  The balls are cells that are going through mitosis.

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MMmmmm.....mitosis. My Toe's Is...dividing.