Friday, January 9, 2009

End of a Long Week Happenings.....

New/Noteworthy: Josh's car is in the shop - the check engine light was on on Tuesday morning.  Luckily it's under warranty.  

Interesting Activity: Stayed home sick on Tuesday, am feeling better now, still coughing occassionally.  I think it's allergies, so I'm taking my Claritin.

What I Learned: When I declined my health insurance and went on with Josh after we got married, I lost my Flexible Spending plan also.  So all of my medical expenses have to come after taxes out of pocket.  My paycheck is bigger (very slightly), but I liked having that account seperate for co-pays and such.  I'm really annoyed.  At least we can make changes to our flex account when the baby is born in May.

Biggest Accomplishment: Am totally caught up on about 50% of my job at work.  The other 50% is reports that I'm trying to catch up.

Plans for the Weekend: Going down to San Jose to pick up Josh's car; grocery shopping; pay bills; 

Fun Photo:

Josh, Andrew, and Kymberly all have studed belts.  This was a fun photo of the three of them wearing their belts.

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