Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Late Happenings...

I was supposed to do this on Friday, but didn't for reasons I don't know.

New/Noteworthy: I just signed up for a Twitter account.  My handle is biochemtine.

Interesting Activity: Josh's mom visited us the weekend after Christmas.  That was fun.  We had our neice visit us for the week and she had a great time hanging with Andrew and Kym.  On Saturday the 5 of us went shopping with our Christmas gift cards.  I got new maternity clothes, and went to babies r us and registered for some more baby stuff.  I am feeling like I need to delete some things from the registry, it's a little long.  But am not sure yet.

What I Learned: The Old Navy closest to me now has a maternity section.  YAY!

Biggest Accomplishment: Took down Christmas and cleaned the house and garage on New Year's Day.  It was pretty much an all day project, but it felt really good to get it done and the house feels back to normal now.

Fun Photo:

Kids playing their new guitars.  

(All my new photos are at work; silly me left my SD card on my desk and I'm home sick today.)


Anonymous said...

Cannot find you on Twitter...

Di said...

I undid Christmas and got everything back to normal, too. It's nice to have it all decorated and stuff but man! is it nice to get thing back to normal.

I hope you're feeling better.

majellamom said...

About the baby stuff...

Basically, keep in mind that all you really need is a car seat, some clothes for the baby, diapers, and a place for baby to sleep...everything else is an extra.

Some extras that I found WAY worth the money: Baby swing, bouncy seat (Eva loved the swing, Charlotte loved the bouncy seat) and a decent stroller (used one that could hold the infant carrier a lot for Eva, used an umbrella stroller a lot more with Charlotte) and some sort of baby carrier (sling, front carrier or backpack).

Things I'd skip if I were to do it all over again: Baby bath tub (we used it a little with Eva, gave it away to the neighbors when they had a baby, then bought another one that we NEVER USED with Charlotte), Baby bath seat (even more useless than the baby tub).

And I really suggest avoiding buying all the baby stuff in pink...they have it all in pink now, but I just figure it is way more useful if it can be used for either gender (if you have another, or even when selling!) Besides, I predict an avalanche of pink baby clothes hitting you before too long!