Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mt. Diablo

Kymberly has been practically begging to go on a quick day trip up to Mount Diablo.  Mount Diablo is the highest point in the bay area.  You can see it from almost everywhere.  It can get snow in the wintertime.  It is also known for it's tarantula population and their migration in the fall.  It's also a favorite place of Josh and the kids.  Great hiking and camping and viewing.  It's a state park, and we were afraid that it would've been closed when all the talk of closing state parks was happening.  We are very blessed to have such a great park nearby.  Only about a 20 min drive for us, which is really cool.

So on Sunday we finally packed a picnic lunch and went up the the mountain.  Audrey's still a little small to be doing a whole lot of climbing and hiking, and am a little too pregnant to do much.  So with the Jeep stroller in hand and lots of water, we meandered through Rock City. Andrew and Kymberly went to town climbing all over the rocks and squeezing into holes and crevices.  Josh had fun pushing the stroller in off-roading conditions.  And I loved taking photos of it all.

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