Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award....

My friend Katie, over at Texas Tigers, nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. How fun!!

So by being nominated, I must do the following.

Thank the person who nominated me.

So ... Thank you Katie. I didn't realize you read my blog. Now I don't feel so silly spamming yours with comments. BTW --- I totally LOVE your blog. And when I saw that Ali nominated you, I couldn't help but agree wholeheartedly. How funny that we follow the same people. I guess it's a small world, ain't it?

Katie is a mother of 2 and blogs about the time with her children. She posts great photos of all the adventures they go on. Her son is the same age as Audrey. I'm silently jealous of her photography skills and secretly try to take more photos when I see her pictures of all their doings.

I must post 7 things about myself.

1) I'm a wife, mother, step-mother, daughter, sister, and most importantly child of God. I love my baby girl more than anything in the world and every day with her is a HUGE blessing. My husband, Josh, is an amazing man who makes me smile and brings a great deal of joy to my life. His children are terrific kids who I absolutely adore. I am blessed to have them in my life.

2) I am a Colorado native. I love and miss Colorado dearly. I moved to California 7 years ago. There are parts of the bay area that I really like, and parts of California that I really enjoy (the ocean). But, unlike Tony Bennett, I left my heart in Colorado.

3) I work as a scientist at a company that manufactures point of care blood analyzers. I enjoy the idea of my job and think that we have a very interesting product with HUGE potential, but my true desire is to be a stay-at-home-mom. Nothing brings me more joy and pleasure than to spend time with my baby.

4) Music is my passion. I started playing music at age 5 when my parents signed me up for piano lessons. I started playing in band in 6th grade. To be honest, I did band simply because my sister did band and I wanted to be just like her. But I did really enjoy it and stuck with it through all of high school. Marching band was the highlight of high school for me. I marched baritone and tuba and thoroughly enjoyed it. I also picked up trombone in jazz band and that became MY instrument. My parents bought me a bass trombone for HS graduation and I have played it off and on since then. I played in college. I participated in the South Bay Trombone Choir for a couple years, and currently run their website. I also dabble a bit with the trombone at church and hope to play more. I would love to help out with the schools' band programs in any way possible, but recognize that it's not an option right now due to my super busy schedule.

5) I have a love/hate relationship with my hair. It's naturally wavy to curly, depending on the climate. When I got pregnant with Audrey, the hormones took out most of my curl and left me with wavy/frizzy hair. That's about where I'm at, 2 years later. I miss my curly hair. The ease and quickness of doing my hair. It's funkiness. But I now must resign myself to suffering through drying/straightening it, having so-so curls, or just bunching it up on the top of my head so it stays out of my face. Consequently, I've tried various short cuts to keep it out of my face and give me something new, but I can't find anything I really like. Nor am I dedicated enough to go get it cut as frequently as I should. I've recently discovered headbands. I'm in love with headbands. Cloth. They are awesome. Keeps my hair out of my face and doesn't cause headaches.

6) I wish I knew how to dance. I have rhythm, but not the ability to move to the music. I took swing dance lessons several years ago, but have forgotten most of what I learned. I would love to take ballroom dancing. I think it would be a blast. But again, my schedule is so busy, when would I do it? So I've settled for something quite a bit outside my comfort zone. Some ladies at work organized a little dance exercise class during lunch. I've been attending and am enjoying it. We're currently learning salsa. I feel like a total dork doing it and don't think I have the hip dexterity to do it right, but I'm having fun. And maybe next time I'm at at wedding I won't feel super foolish for wanting to dance but having no clue how.

7) I have recently ventured into the wonderful world of cloth diapering. Who woulda thought that a chunk of cotton used to catch waste material would be so much fun. But it really is. I think of cloth diapers as an accessory to Audrey's outfits. I wish we had lots of money to go crazy on buying cloth diapers. I'm settling for making them, and am enjoying that process as well. I'm hoping to sign up to be a diaperparties rep and help get the word out about cloth diapers. I think I know enough people with babies and hopefully know enough moms who also use cloth diapers that I could sell some and make a little bit of cash on the side. Not a whole lot, but some. Maybe enough for some spending money here and there.

Nominate 5 other bloggers

I'm saddened that many of the blogs I'd nominate have already been nominated or are inactive. But I know there are great blogs out there that just need this nomination.

So ...... I nominate

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5) Majellamom - Waiting for Charlie

Thank you all for reading. I am happy to know that someone out there reads my randomness.

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Katie said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my curly hair too. It's pretty curly in the front but the back frizzes so easily that it looks messy by lunch time. So it's usually up in a pony tail. Now because of Micah I have 'baby bangs' that frizz up in the front so I love head bands to hold those frizzes down.

And yes I do read your blog - I found it through your google profile on your comment. I'm just not always the best at making comments on blogs since half the time I read them through the google reader instead of going blog by blog.