Monday, September 13, 2010


After Ice Skating
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Annie ......

Annie was my very best friend's little sister. She felt like my little sister at times. She is responsible for my one and only real nickname in life, 'Tine. She couldn't say my full name, so she said Tine. It stuck. The whole family calls me Tine to this day.

She had the biggest heart of anyone I knew. She loved Jesus. She loved everyone she met. She loved football. She loved showing off.

Annie was 3 (I think ... Sarah, can you confirm) when she was first diagnosed with Leukemia. On top of the Leukemia, Annie also had Down's Syndrome. The two conditions kept Annie in the hospital and doctor's offices for much of her life. But that didn't stop Annie from smiling and being her cheerful self.

Annie passed away in October of 2006 to Leukemia. She was 21.

Today would be Annie's 25th birthday.

Happy Birthday Annie. Have a great party with Jesus today.


~*SharonMarie*~ said...

Oh, Christine! What a sweet post. It brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday, Annie! Rest in His Peace.

Krystyn said...

Happy birthday to Annie. What a sweet girl and blessing I'm sure she was to all who knew her.