Thursday, September 30, 2010


Despite having most everything we need for a new baby, Josh and I decided to create a short registry anyway.  We would like a couple things doubled up on and then there are some smaller things we didn't get for Audrey and would like for this baby.

So ... we did make a registry at Babies R Us
You can search for us, also.
Or just use the registry number: 45673080

Because we are using cloth diapers and I feel like our stash isn't quite big enough for diapering 2 babies full time, I created a registry with an online CD store.  You can purchase the individual items or just a gift certificate, if you are a little nervous about cloth diapers or just unsure what to get.  Due to the nature of her store, the registry is a little misleading in that the photos don't necessarily match the description.  And I could only register for what was currently in stock.  If a color that I chose is out of stock, feel free to substitute with a color or pattern that you think I'd like.

The stores is Sweet Bottoms Baby Boutique and our registry is here.

If I were to be so bold as to make a request, honestly, the things I feel like we need the most are cloth diapers and cloth diaper supplies.

And, please, do NOT feel obligated to buy us anything.  We really do have everything we need; these are truly just wish list items if you are feeling generous.

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