Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday - 100th Post

Happy April.

I'm very thankful for April ... it's that much closer to my due date. (I'm 33 weeks and 4 days today ... due date is May 17.)

I'm also thankful for the sunshine and the warm weather. We've been able to spend so much time with the dog outside and have been enjoying doing yardwork other outdoor activities.

This is the 100th post of my Contemplations. How 'bout that. :) If I were a TV Show I'd have an episode twice as long as usual.

I'm thankful for the little baby growing inside of me. It's so much fun when she starts kicking and jabbing at me. It's neat to be interacting with my little daughter before she's even born. I just can't wait to meet her ... although for her health and safey, she can stay inside me a little longer.

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