Friday, April 3, 2009

Weekly Happenings - Happy April!

Not really for me, but I'm so proud of him I just have to brag.
Josh started playing softball for the church softball team.
He also talked with the new worship pastor of the church and is going to start playing drums for the church after we're finished with our Lamaze class.

Interesting Activity:
Softball practice on Sunday afternoon
Softball game on Monday night (they won 6-3)

Biggest Accomplishments:
Got bills paid tonight with no arguing.
OK, we usually don't argue. But we still did it and I consider that an accomplishment.

Also sent off the first of MANY tax payments tonight.

I also talked with my boss today about my maternity leave. That was a conversation I was dreading, so that's an accomplishment.

Where We Went:
Went to Guitar Center (and didn't buy anything)
Went to Lamaze
Went to church
Went to softball
I tutored

What I Learned:
Learned two techniques of relaxation breathing, and a position for coach to be in to help relax.

Weekend Plans:
Touring the hospital tomorrow.
Sunday going to Costco with Becky (Josh's sister).

Fun Photos:

These are a few photos from the softball game last Monday.



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