Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful thursday

This week, Josh and I participated in a food challenge. Our pastor challenged us to eat the same types of foods and in the same portions as those in less privileged parts of the world. I modified the menu to account for my being pregnant.

We gave up anything processed and anything that might be considered a luxury. Its been tough. Tomorrow is the last day.

With the money that we saved on food and beverages, a fund was created at church to go to ministries for food and water for these places.

So this Thursday, I'm thankful for the food and related things that we in the U.S. have.


Di said...

Wow, what kinds of things did you eat?

Christine said...

Di ... I stuck to mostly rice, tortillas, and a small serving of meat. Dinner I added veggies and salad.

I lost a couple pounds last week too. Probably not best for pregnancy, but better in my 3rd trimester than my 1st.