Friday, May 13, 2011

Cloth Diapering in a Pinch

As moms we use anything we can find that will work if we don't have the exact item we need.  We use blankets and shirt sleeves for burp cloths.  We use burp cloths for blankets. magazines become books.  Napkins become hats. You get the idea.  Whatever it takes to get the job done.  This is even more true for diapering, and cloth diapering mamas are very creative.

Last night Josh, the girls and I went to the church for a quick surprise birthday gathering for a friend.  We were only going to be gone an hour, maybe 90 minutes.  I put both girls in clean diapers before we left.  I even contemplated not doing a diaper for Audrey, but she had had a bad accident day apparently.  I didn't take the diaper bag with me.  Not 10 minutes after we got to the church, just before the birthday boy arrived, Audrey pooped.  And it was obvious.  Everyone was making jokes about it.  We stuck around long enough to yell surprise and eat a piece of cake, then I whisked Audrey off to the bathroom.  She sat on the toilet and went potty and I cleaned her poopy diaper up.  But we had no spare diapers.  Normally I wouldn't even bother putting a diaper on her and just let her wear her pants loosely since she just went potty and we were going home.  But she wasn't wearing pants.  She was wearing a skirt.  And I couldn't bring myself to let her wear no diaper in a skirt sitting in a carseat.  Can we say OUCH?  and AWKWARD?

So I did what any CDing mommy would do.  I took off my top t-shirt (YAY for my foresight to wear layers yesterday), folded in fourths, and laid it in her diaper cover.

Josh was very confused as to what Audrey could possibly be wearing since we brought no spare diapers.  He smiled at me when he realized what I had done.

When we got home and undressed to take a bath, my shirt was dry and no worse for the wear.  

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Kim said...

Hahaha...great job mama!!