Tuesday, May 31, 2011


DSC_1326 by Christsstar
DSC_1326, a photo by Christsstar on Flickr.
Audrey loves to go shopping. I'm not sure why, because she's usually stuck in the stroller or cart and is bored, but she loves the excitement of going out. When we go to the mall I wear Annie in one of my many baby carriers and Audrey gets pushed by Daddy in her umbrella stroller.

We then hang the shopping bags from the handles of the stroller. It has a tendency to get heavy, but as long as Audrey remains IN the stroller, it stays upright. Well, usually. One day it was particularly heavy and she did fall backwards, but all the bags cushioned her fall. The look on her face was priceless .... I totally wish I had my camera with me.

At any rate, among other things, she's learned about shopping from us. So when she got a doll stroller from her Aunt Becky for her birthday, she was all to excited to push around her doll and hang her new Dora shopping bag from the handles and go shopping around the house.

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