Thursday, May 19, 2011


Smells never cease to amaze me. Specifically the way in which they bring back faint memories. One tiny whiff of something can rush an old memory to the forefront of your thoughts.

*Fresh cut grass reminds me of marching band.
*Vaseline intensive care lotion reminds me of an ex-boyfriend's house.
*Talcom powder reminds me of my car accident.
*The smell of spit up (and believe it or not breastmilk poop) remind me of my baby girls --- and I so LOVE those smells.
*The smell of some petroleum-based oils reminds me of valve oil and therefore all my band experiences.

What smells bring back memories for you?


Blue Aunt Janet said...
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Blue Aunt Janet said...

Diesel exhaust reminds me of cold winter mornings riding into town in Josephine, our 1966 Mercedes.

Cut grass reminds me I forgot to take my allergy meds.

Peach cobbler reminds me of my childhood. It was the only desert we could afford when I was in grade school. Mother made it from canned peaches and Bisquick.

mighty acorns said...

i can't remember the name of it, but a certain cologne takes me back to my first date...
the smell of lavender washing powder reminds me of my mother in law...

one day when i was having a big spree in the kitchen - slow cooker, breadmaker, oven all going, a friend arrived and said 'oh, it smells like home'. the nicest compliment:)

Zakery Pendleton said...

You are absolutely right.

I agree the same with sounds as well, not songs but their melodies diffidently play with our minds, and trigger our inner selves.