Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Girl

My first born. My drama queen. My beautiful baby girl. Today you are two years old. You make me laugh every day. You make me cry, every day. You don't know how much I love being your mom.

I love watching you try to play with the big kids. I love watching you figure something out and seeing the smile on your face when you realize you can do it. You are so proud of yourself.

You have a huge heart that loves to love.

You love to interact with the world around you.

You love to cuddle with your momma.

You love your baby sister and I know some day you'll be able to show her all about this world and tell her all the mean things that mom and dad do.

You love your big sister and love that she plays with you on your level.

You love to watch your big brother play his drums and his guitar. You are so proud of him.

You love to sing and dance to your daddy's drumming in church.

And that singing and dancing is going right up to God. You truly make a joyful noise to the Lord. Especially with your voice. I love to hear your 2 y/o song medley when we drive home from work. From "Jesus Loves Me" to "Circle Song" to "Twinkle Song" to "Rejoice," with an occasional "God's Army," "Noah Song," and "Crazy The Lord," tossed in. It warms my heart and soul to see my baby girl praising God at such a young age.

Thank you, Audrey Grace, for being my daughter. Happy Birthday!

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