Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Audrey's first Birthday

Yesterday was Audrey's first birthday.  I was very pleased that I got to spend the day with her.  She obviously didn't know the difference and just went on like any other day, but the day was as special to me as is my own birthday, if not moreso.

We began the day by eating breakfast.  A simple breakfast of cheerios and yogurt.  

My little girl LOVES to smile for the camera, no matter what she is doing.

After breakfast we went to the doctor.  All the nurses and technicians and employees said happy birthday.  She grinned from ear to ear.  Still having no idea what was going on, but she's such a happy baby.

She managed to get away with not getting any shots.  Lucky girl!!!  (We go back in 2 weeks for the shots.)

While at the doctor, we read a book together about the Human Body.  

After the doctor we went home and she took a nice long nap.

When brother got home from school, she watched him play his guitar, and even joined in a little bit with her egg shaker.

We ate dinner as a family and then we all sang Happy  Birthday.  She danced along as we sang, and when we got to her name part she started laughing.  I wish I had that on video.  It was beautiful.

We let her open one present yesterday, and she'll open lots more on Saturday for her party.

My little baby girl is one year-old.
We all survived her first year of life.

She had a very scary and traumatic entrance into this world, but her first year has been wonderful.  We are so blessed and lucky to have such happy little baby.

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