Monday, May 3, 2010

Memorization Monday

By Friday last week I didn't yet have a memorization verse for the week. I decided that unless one struck me during the sermon I would just review this week since I'm feeling a little week on a couple verses. I didn't hear anything in the sermon, so I was prepared to just review this week.

Then I read my bible this morning and God revealed a verse to me. I guess God didn't want me to simply review this week.

Psalm 80:3
O God, restore us
And cause your face to shine upon us, and we will be saved.

The idea of this verse is mentioned three times in this chapter. I like the word picture that it creates. I think of God's face shining on me and what that would look like to the world. A spotlight in a dark room lights up a subject and all eyes are in that object. Its nearly impossible to not watch. How cool would it be to truly be lit
up by God's face?

I also think of being restored. A classic car is restored to original condition. it becomes like new. Dents hammered out. Engine rebuilt. new leather seats. Brand new tires. like the day it was rolled out of the factory. But the car still has a history. And we would too. Having learned from prior mistakes we have a greater and deeper understanding of God, man, life, etc. We aren't fresh, but our dings and debts have been repaired.

A friend recently wrote a song about returning to our walk with God when we first believed. How simple and precious we are. Full of vigor. we are new people when we first believe, totally in fire for God and His kingdom. I want to return to that!

Restore me, Oh God. Shine upon me so the world can see.

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