Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Happenings

New/Noteworthy: Audrey got her first birthday present, a gift from an online gift exchange.  She got a cute little Xylophone.

Interesting Activity: On Sunday afternoon, after all our church stuff was done and we were relaxing, Josh and I spent the afternoon playing Scrabble.  That was fun.  He kicked my butt.

There's a teen from church who needs some math tutoring, so we're exchanging tutoring for babysitting.  I think that's a spectacular deal.

Biggest Accomplishment: Went to the bank and got some fees reversed and some free checks.  The best part about this accomplishment was staying calm and professional throughout the entire process.

Weekend Plans: Tomorrow Kymberly has a band review, so we'll go watch her march.  Sunday is Mother's Day and I have requested a picnic in the park with my daughter and husband.  I'd like to go somewhere where I can take some photos and where Audrey can crawl around and have fun, too.

Fun Photos:

Audrey playing with her new Xylophone.

I love this ... "OK.  I'm done."

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