Monday, May 3, 2010

Growing baby girl...

On Friday, Josh, Audrey and I went out to dinner. Audrey was on the tired side and we were nervous that she wouldn't cooperate for sitting still at dinner. We purposely went to a noisy and casual restaurant, Outback Steakhouse. In trying to keep Audrey entertained we let her try to color on the children's menu. She's probably still a bit young for coloring, but wanted to try it.

She kept dropping her crayons or trying to eat them. Josh would point his finger at the table and coloring sheet and try to get her to at least leave the crayons on the table. She copied her daddy with the pointing. Since that night, she has been pointing down at tables and poking things nonstop. And just now, as I was pointing at myself, she said, "Mama.". I think that's the first time she's identified me in that way. In the last week she has learned to blow kisses and has gotten better at kisses in the cheeks.

My heart is melting.......

My daughter is growing up.

She will be 1 in just 14 days.

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