Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thankful Thursday - 5/13/10

Today for thankful Thursday I am thankful for a completed bathroom remodel.  I got to shower in my own shower this morning, use my own toilet, and brush my teeth in my own sink. I don't have to take all my bathroom things to a different bathroom anymore.  I don't feel like a college student anymore.  VERY exciting.

It's amazing what you take for granted ... a master bathroom is one.  

While I don't mind using a hall bathroom for a shower, if I'm not used to it and have to take my things with me every time I use it, it becomes a hassle.  Additionally, I like to keep an eye on Audrey, whether she's sleeping or playing, when I'm getting ready in the morning.  That's difficult to do from a hall bathroom.

It's also nice to have all the remnants of construction gone.  With the construction gone we can easily get to our washer/dryer again, we can park the car in the garage, we can let the dog roam the back yard freely, we can let Audrey roam the house freely, Audrey will take better naps, and we can know that our house will be in the same condition when we get home from work as it is in the morning when we leave.

We will be cleaning the house this weekend.  YAY!!!!

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