Friday, May 14, 2010


So the doctor handed me a bunch of tests to go get done without telling me anything about what they were and why I was getting them done.

If it weren't for the fact that I'd been through this just 18 months ago, I wouldn't have a clue what was being thrown at me.

I know that these are the genetic screening tests. I know that there are no genetic disorders in either family. Audrey's all came back with flying colors. I'm still young. DH is still young (well ... on the verge of old, at 36). I don't think the chances of having a baby with genetic disorders has increased all that much in the last 18 months.

Furthermore, all I would do with that information is worry for 7 months that something is wrong with my child.

So I'm thinking about declining the tests. It would mean I wouldn't be getting an u/s this trimester, which is fine. But, and this is the sad part, I'm actually nervous about telling my doctor that I'm declining the tests. She was so harsh with me the day that I saw her, I can't fathom what she would say if I told her I didn't want these tests done.

I'll get the blood tests that confirm I'm healthy and we don't have to take any drugs or supplements for the baby, but I just don't want to spend the state's money, or my insurance company's money to have a test done to tell me the low probability of my child having a genetic disorder. There is no way on God's green earth that I would terminate this or any other pregnancy. So why get information that would just make me worry?????

I'm really just thinking out loud here. 


Brandy said...

If you feel that way about telling her, why see her? Do you have to?

Health care is one area I just don't give a rats patooty who you are.

It's my body, my baby, my choice.

We declined all testing beyond what is 'normal". No genetic bloodwork, no amnio, no nothing.

You can do it :) just say NO!!!!

Christine said...

I'm still in the process of finding a new doctor, I think. She was the first one I tried, based on internet reviews and impressions from the receptionist when I called for an appt.

She gets phenomenal reviews online. And the other doctor in the practice won best ob/gyn in the bay area for 2009. Medically I believe we're in good hands. I just wasn't thrilled with her at my first visit.

But Josh wasn't there and I know that I have a tendency to be a bit sensitive to certain things. And maybe she was having an "off" day. So Josh suggested we give it one more visit and if I'm still not comfortable, we'll find another doctor.

But my choices are really limited in the area. There are only 3 in my HMO group. That's in 3 different cities and 2 different hospitals. I feel like I'm choosing the lesser of all the evils sometimes.

I am confident in declining teh tests. I'm just nervous for what she'll say when we go in next month and she doesn't have the results from the tests. She didn't give me an opportunity to decline them when I was in the office.

All the testing was covered for Audrey, and we did the 2nd trimester AFP screening. But apparently the insurance office still hasn't paid the AFP people. I don't want to deal with that again.

I loved my last doctor and wish I could continue seeing her.

sarah said...

Congrats! Good luck with all the decisions. Hope you find a dr that works for you. Reviews are great, but it helps if you have the same wants as the reviwer... different people expect different things from an ob & birth. We declined the baby testing too... they don't seem to be able to tell you much anyway... seemed like too much wory for me. Hope you find what you need for this pregnancy/birth.

majellamom said...

I was pressured into the triple (or quad or whatever it is up to now) screen with Eva. My local doc (who I did not like, and did not last the whole pregnancy) told me that it was important to know if there were any genetic problems so that they would be able to move me out of our rural hospital if there were any problems. With Charlotte, I was seeing an OB, and when I talked it over with him, he had no problems with me skipping it, and told me my first doc's opinion was a load of BS.

I so understand the difficulty in finding a good doc. Since I was kicked out of all the local hospitals, and recently found out (when I had to put down doc info on my last c-section when we changed insurance) that my OB is no longer at the same practice (in fact, I don't know where he is!) So, if I have another one, I'll have to start all over in the doctor department!

Dutch said...

What? You are treating the second child differently than the first? Shouldn't the second get all the same the first does? (Just kidding)

However, you should go back to the doctor and explain to her that you don't understand her reasoning for the tests. Tell her you felt overwhelmed by them or something. Doctors should respond to your choices in a positive manner. If she doesn't....find a new one.

I couldn't not know. I thrive on knowledge. After all, knowledge is power. It isn't about termination, it's about prep work. There are things you can set in motion now that could be more difficult after the birth, if the need arises. But that's just me. I HAVE to KNOW things. You know that.

(Yeah, Dad's account, but it's Sarah - can't remember what I set up to comment on your blog, so I'm bogarting his)